Marine Industries Association of St. Lucia

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In 2002, the United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) funded a study on sustainable marine based tourism in seven Caribbean Islands, including St. Lucia. The list of recommendations included the establishment of a Marine Trades Association.

In 2003, a group of interested individuals got together, formed and registered the non-profit Marine Industries Association of St. Lucia (MIASL) Inc. The Association now boasts a membership of seventy.  The MIASL has received official recognition from the Government of St. Lucia, and was recently successful in persuading the Ministry of Tourism to prepare a strategic plan for the development of the Yachting Sector, in which the MIASL is expected to play a central role.


The Aims and Objectives of the Association are as follows:

To create an enabling environment for sustainable growth for the supply of goods and services to all sectors of the boating industry.

To promote public awareness of the business and recreational aspects of boating in St.  Lucia.

To influence legislative regimes with a view to promoting clarity and uniformity within the enabling legislation.

To highlight environmental concerns as they relate to boating in St. Lucia, and by extension to promote marine conservation and zoning in and around St. Lucia.

To promote safety and training within the boating sector.

To promote St. Lucia as a boating destination

To seek and secure foreign investment in St. Lucia in the boating sector.

The current membership categories include the following:  Banks, boatyards (small craft), captains, chandleries, charter companies, customs brokers, day charter operations, dredging, electrical supplies and services, ferries (local and inter-island), fuel suppliers, hotels (waterfront and the trade), marinas, marine parks, outboard motor suppliers, port authority, real estate developers (waterfront developers), recreational boaters, supermarkets and general suppliers, utilities. The Marine Police Unit of the Royal St. Lucia Police Force and the Department of Fisheries are honorary members.



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